Circular Extract 4|2021

I grew up in Sabie in Mpumalanga and in the early seventies we sometimes did not see the sun for weeks due to the wonderful rain and mist. Hence, I thoroughly enjoyed the wet February we had. I hope you as parents also have fond memories of your childhood and I trust your children will one day reflect on their childhood and school career with a smile. I would like to thank the parents who offered to be part of the traffic solution and not part of the problem. Thank you for your many suggestions, patience and smiles when stuck in traffic. Our new staggered approach at the end of the day helped a lot regarding the congestion between primary and high school traffic. Unfortunately, even without the primary school traffic, the circle in front of the school still becomes gridlocked very easily. If possible, avoid the circle around 13:50. Rather use the alternative parking area (south of gate 9), encourage your child to get involved in extra-murals, pick them up later, form lift clubs and allow them to walk or cycle to school. Please do not park in the drop-off zone in front of gates 7 and 8 when picking up your child. Our directors and management have already approved plans that will be implemented later this month to alleviate some of the traffic problems. More than eleven months into lockdown, one of our aims is to put the smiles and laughter back into school life. We therefore hope your child will enjoy tonight’s night school and that you will survive the 20:30 traffic. We are awaiting directives from the Minister of Basic Education on when we will be allowed to participate against others schools. In the meantime, it is wonderful to see the learners practising in the afternoons. A number of matches are being planned under the banner of our sport clubs. Stay safe and keep the Covid-19 numbers down!

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