Grade Camps

Part of Midstream College’s educational programme are the annual grade camps. The purpose of the grade camps is multifaceted. The learners are exposed to various environments around the country and various experiences ranging from environmental education, history, outdoorsmanship, to the more extreme white-water rafting, canopy touring, and tubing. The learners also have a chance to see their peers in a new light as they are often taken out of their comfort zones and exposed to each other. It is also an opportunity for the grade teachers and learners to connect in a less formal environment.

The grade 12 learners do not have a grade camp. They will be focusing on their preliminary examinations.

All grade camps are compulsory. Please contact Mr Malcolm Dunkeld at for more information regarding the camps.

Grade 8 camp

This camp is held at Warthog Inn near Brits. Here the bushveld environment is a wonderful setting for spirit building and to allow the learners an opportunity to find themselves within a team.

Grade 9 camp

This camp is held at Sediba Kwêle in the North West province. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the grade 9s to grow together as they participate in various outdoor activities designed to develop group work, build team spirit and have a lot of fun. They will also have an opportunity to sleep out in the bush. 

Grade 10 camp

The grade 10 camp, known as Odyssey, is unique to Midstream. Odyssey is run completely internally by the Midstream staff, ensuring that it is of a high quality which has a long-lasting experience. The event is supported by Isuzu South Africa who provide us with 4×4 vehicles. The Odyssey is a 9-day adventure programme whereby the learners are divided into small groups, allocated a staff member, and have to journey on their own through the Haenertsburg wilderness area. The learners experience many different activities such as paddling, hiking, cooking, camping, canopy touring, and bike riding to name a few. Each group’s route ultimately leads them to the summit of the Iron Crown (2 126 m) which is the highest point in Limpopo. The camp truly challenges the learners as it takes them right out of their comfort zones and allows for individual growth. The grade 10s have an opportunity to get to know their group staff member as an individual which builds a lasting relationship.

Grade 11 camp

Known as the ultimate adventure camp, the grade 11s travel to the beautiful Hazyview in the Lowveld area where they are able to really enjoy one of South Africa’s unique environments. Here the learners have an adrenalin filled three days as they participate in white water rafting, tubing and a leadership development adventure race. They will also be taken back to their time on Odyssey and reflect on some of the lessons learned.