Our Values


We promote strong moral principles and honesty at all times. This means knowing that you are doing the right thing.

Integrity means my word is my honour, and if I live with integrity, it means my word is beyond question.

Integrity means being consistent in your thoughts, your actions and your beliefs.


We are proud of our school.

We are supportive and devoted to our school and community and believe in building a legacy for those who come after us.

We aim to uphold the name of the College under any circumstance, beyond the borders and school hours of the College.

We nurture a sense of belonging.


We respect ourselves, our parents, teachers, leaders, each other, our environment and each other’s property.

We respect each other’s right to privacy and we nurture tolerance.

We respect and celebrate our diversity and recognise that there are many things that unite us all and we respect each other’s point of view.

We treat all people with courtesy and kindness and display exceptional manners at all times.


We subscribe to a Christian ethos.

We believe in forgiveness and second chances.

Our community extends beyond the borders of Midstream College.

We grow learners who want to make a difference in our community and country, and who are globally relevant.

We are compassionate and caring, focused on improving our world and empowering the communities of today and tomorrow.


We encourage excellence in all spheres of the school.

We believe in quality teaching and aim to produce outstanding school leavers who are analytical, articulate, balanced and who can contribute to the local and global community.

We are humble in our achievements. We believe in innovation.

We create opportunities to succeed.

We believe we will achieve through supporting each other.