Circular Extract 14|2021

I hope that the last of the winter of ’21 has come and gone. Our children have blossomed on the rugby, hockey, cross-country and netball fields during the last two weeks. They came to life and there are signs of new enthusiasm around campus after a long, cold winter without any sport. With the signs of spring; warmer days, new life and birds announcing each day in the air, I hope, despite the hardships of winter, restrictions and loss, we will all catch the sunlight and realise that there always is hope. And now, these three remain: faith, hope and love. (1 Cor. 13:13) Our newly elected prefects returned from a very successful planning camp on Monday and my wish for the College is that their enthusiasm will be contagious. Congratulations to Drew Goatley and Reneev Govender, our new head girl and head boy. Your predecessors left huge footprints to follow, but with the support of the deputy leaders, the prefects and grade 12s, I believe you will take the College forward during our 15-year celebrations next year. The current Covid-19 numbers at school are at their lowest in a year. I would like to thank every parent, learner and teacher who was, is and will be part of the ongoing battle against this pandemic. The learners and teachers who lost parents and loved ones during the last few months are silent reminders that there are no guarantees for tomorrow. If you 18 years and older, please vaccinate! We also have to keep on wearing masks, sanitising regularly and maintaining social distance. It is of the utmost importance that our matrics will be able to complete their prelims and final exams without any Covid-19 scares. Stay safe! Unfortunately, we again had to have our grade 9 subject choice evening online. Thank you for watching and remember to submit your child’s subject choices for 2022 by next Monday. Choose wisely and allow your child to take one subject where they can ‘let their hair down’. We will do our utmost to accommodate your choices. The days of covering all the bases with two home languages, both sciences, accounting and IT are long gone. Please contact us should you have any queries. If you are planning to leave the College at the end of the year, please inform us timeously. This will assist us in our planning for next year. To ensure you receive your deposit back, you are reminded that we require at least one term’s notice.

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