Softball is played during the third and fourth terms. Midstream College has three u/14 teams, three u/15 teams, two u/16 teams and two u/19 teams participating in three different leagues. The A-teams are in the district C-league and the B-teams are in the district D-league and C-teams are in the district E-league.

Softball practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 14:15 to 16:15 unless communicated otherwise. There will also be gym sessions for the girls. Every coach will liaise and organise their own sessions.

2020 was a difficult year for us all and not a lot of softball was played. We were fortunate enough to practise a bit in the third term and continue through to the fourth term under strict Covid-19 regulations. When we moved to level 1, we were able to have an inter-house competition and play a few matches. The inter-house was a great success and really enjoyed by all, players and spectators alike. Windsor won the match and beat Hutton by 6 runs. We are so grateful for what we could have done in the end. Everything was done in good spirit and there was positive energy all around. Thank you for everyone`s input and hard work.  

We are looking forward to next year and are hopeful that softball will continue as planned.  We really want to build on what we have achieved in 2019, and this is what makes Midstream College softball so special. We will always strive to do our very best and improve on what we have done. My wish for everyone is to have a wonderful blessed year ahead.

Coaches 2021




Mr Dirk Olivier


Ms Robyn Ferenczy


Ms Maritsa Smit


Ms Iana de Jong


Ms Sarah Cleland


Mr Albert van Zyl


Ms Hestie-Marie Smith


Ms Liyah Singh


Ms Mitchu van Straaten

Ms Hendrien le Roux


Ms Tinarie Brown

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General sport enquiries: Mr Hans van Vreden – Head of Sport  (

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