The Midstream College gym forms an essential part of the school’s sporting programme. The role of this facility is to prepare the learners adequately for the physical demands of the sports in which they participate. This will help Midstream College to continually improve its sports results, as well as help to minimise the rate of injury among our sportsmen and women.

This is not a commercial gym. While our staff believe that participation in sport promotes a healthy body image, our goal is not body building. This gym promotes age and development appropriate, sports specific training. Our goals are to improve balance, co-ordination, mobility, stability, strength and speed. These attributes are vital for sporting success and lifelong participation in sport.


Mario Olivier 2016

Mr Mario Olivier qualified as a biokineticist at Stellenbosch University and completed his Master’s Degree in Sport Science in 2005. He is experienced in working with numerous sport codes and is an avid sportsman himself. He played provincial cricket for three years and he is a keen golfer. For any enquiries, please contact Mr Mario Olivier at or 082 379 0132.

•          Learners are encouraged to participate in the school sporting programme so that they can receive a sport specific programme. Alternatively, wellness and general conditioning programmes will also be available.

•          Complete the Physical Activity and Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ).

•          Learners will have three contract options:

          Option 1: R100-00 per month for 10 months

          Option 2: R125-00 per month for 6 months

Option 3: R150-00 per month for less than 6 months

•          Membership fees will be billed to the learner’s school account.

•          The completed PARQ must be returned to Mr Olivier prior to admission to the gym.

•          An assessment will then be completed and a programme designed which members will be expected to follow at all times.

Use of the gymnasium


•          The gym is open during the following times:






05:45 – 07:15

14:00 – 17:00



05:45 – 07:15

14:00 – 17:00



05:45 – 07:15

13:45 – 17:00




14:00 – 17:00



05:45 – 07:15


•          Qualified staff will be present to supervise training at all times.

•          All new members will be assessed and provided with an appropriate training programme. Members may only train using approved training programmes.

•          All members will be regularly re-assessed and provided with training programme progressions when appropriate.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

The Midstream College gym is a “clean facility” that actively discourages the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. The school policy regarding drugs in sport allows us to test any learner that we suspect of drug use, and any learner caught using illegal performance enhancing drugs will be suspended from the gym and face disciplinary action.

Furthermore we encourage all gym members to register and pledge to remain clean on the I Play Fair website –


The use of training supplements is a sensitive issue. The sport supplements industry is unregulated and many over-the-counter supplements have negative side effects, and/or could cause a failed doping test. If learners have any supplement queries, they are encouraged to speak to Mr Olivier about WADA approved options. Ultimately, the inherent risk of supplement use is the learner’s, and the school and gym staff take no responsibility for any negative consequences where learners choose to ignore this advice.




Training Schedule

1 Ashford Street, Midstream Estate | | 012 661 2341