“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.”

― Danny Kaye

Life must not hold you back, and so it is important to become part of the adventure as soon as possible. There are many challenges that you can participate in when you join the adventure club.

We try to accommodate as many learners as possible, but because of permits and transportation this is not always possible.

The following activities are planned for 2020 and the staff member responsible for each activity, is:

Kloofing & Adventure Kloofing – Mr Malcolm Dunkeld (mdunkeld@midstreamcollege.co.za)

Mount-Aux Sources Challenge 2020


Midmar Mile – Mr John Acres (jacres@midstreamcollege.co.za)

Polar Bear – Mr John Acres (jacres@midstreamcollege.co.za)

Drakensberg Expedition – Mr Malcolm Dunkeld (mdunkeld@midstreamcollege.co.za)

Conquer the Orange River – Mr Johan Weideman (jweideman@midstreamcollege.co.za)

Scuba Diving – Ms Michelle van Niekerk (mvanniekerk@midstreamcollege.co.za)

General sport enquiries: Mr Hans van Vreden – Head of Sport (hvanvreden@midstreamcollege.co.za)

1 Ashford Street, Midstream Estate | college@midstreamcollege.co.za | 012 661 2341