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“To be or not to be…”

William Shakespeare

We might well use Shakespeare’s quote to describe the wide variety of cultural activities offered at the College. Activities such as:

• Choir

Our choir practices under the supervision of a skilled conductor on a weekly basis.

• Play

Drama@Midstream allows learners to live their dreams of being an actor or actress.

• Orators

We take part in the Van Huyssteens and ATKV Orators competitions and have already

delivered an overall winner in the ATKV Orators competition.

• Revue

Under the guidance of the esteemed revue coach, Darius Swiegelaar, we take part in

several competitions on an annual basis.

• (p)Articipate

This is the highlight on the school calendar and an almost three-week long cultural

festival with more than 1 000 entries in the different categories.

• Band

The band offers the opportunity to the musicians amongst us to be part of the

rock-and-roll era.

• School newspaper

There are two issues of the school newspaper – the Midstream Gazette – that mirror

the glitz and the glory of our school.

• Ars Loquendi

Learners are offered this course in order to improve their public speaking skills.