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At Midstream College we strive for academic excellence. Our highly qualified and dedicated teachers ensure that a stimulating and dynamic environment is created in which our learners can flourish. In short our teachers are encouraged to open the learners’ minds and not fill them. By writing the Independent Examinations Board’s (IEB) exams, critical thinking and creativity are encouraged. Class sizes are restricted to a maximum of 25.

Our academic achievement is benchmarked by writing the International Benchmark Tests set by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) at grade 9 level. Learners also write the annual Core Skills Tests in grade 9. In grade 10 the Thinking Skills Tests are written and in grade 11 the IeBTs in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. 

Academic excursions and educational tours both within South Africa and abroad are undertaken yearly.

Our holistic approach to education ensures that learners are fully prepared to face the challenges of “life after school” with confidence and maturity.


Academic Policy