How to access the school network remotely

Download the file from this webpage.


To extract the file, right click the file and select extract all. Then click extract. The files should be viewable after the extraction.

First run the FortiClientSetup file to install the application. Once the program is installed you can follow the steps below. Copy and paste the MapNetworkDrives file on to your desktop for later use.

Under Remote Access, click on Configure VPN

Configure your settings to look the same as the screenshot below. Just change the username to the same username the one that you login with on your school pc. I.e. JohnA or WimpieJ. Click Apply and Close.

Then select File and then Settings. Under advanced change the default tab to Remote access and click ok.

The next time you open the app it will default to the screen below. Enter your password and click connect.

Once the client connects you will then be able to access the R and Q drives by using the links below. You can now also double click the Networkdrives.bat file that you saved onto your desktop. This will then add the Q and R drive to explorer and you can access the folders like you always have.

Q-Drive: \\\data$\

R-Drive: \\\smartdata$\

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