We respect everyone.


 We are loyal and proud learners of Midstream College.


We are a compassionate and caring College community.


We promote strong moral principles. 


We encourage excellence in all spheres of the College and we recognise each individual’s unique talents.


Appointments with learners take place mainly on Monday afternoons.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment with any member of staff that suits both parties.

Staff members are available in the afternoons to help learners who are experiencing problems in their subjects.

Please contact the staff members directly for an appointment. (See school diary for contact details.)


Parents must let the school know of any planned absenteeism timeously or on the day before 08:00 in the mornings. Remember that a doctor’s letter is compulsory for any test of exam that has been missed.

Please click on this link as well.  


There are three houses: WindsorHutton and Old Kent.

All the sporting activities compete in these three houses.

2021 Grade Heads:

8Mr Wimpie Jansen van RensburgMs Heléne Meyer
9Mr Adrian HossellMs Carolien Verster
10Mr Gert PelserMs Cheryl Grant
11Mr Christiaan van der MerweMs Charmaine van den Berg
12Mr John AcresMs Tanya Verhoef

1 Ashford Street, Midstream Estate | | 012 661 2341