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The Midstream Gazette continues to go from strength to strength and has undergone some major changes this year. With a complete makeover this year, the Gazette is now proudly for the learners - by the learners! 

The Gazette is now available in a website format and can thus be accessed at the click of a button.  Please visit our website at: www.midstreamgazette.co.za.

We include articles for multiple avenues - movie, book and app reviews, current affairs, school interests, sports, culture, photography competitions and anything that might interest our readers! 

For any enquiries, please contact the teacher-in-charge, Ms Wasserman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editorial Staff: 

Editor-in-chief: Christine Maree

Senior Contributors (Grade 11 and 12):

·         Christine Maree (editor)

·         Aurelie Msiza (layout)

·         Zene Meyer (marketing)

·         Abigail Vian

·         Liandri du Toit

·         Leandri van Wyk

·         Niki Morris

·         Kaylee Haddington

·         Indigo Haddington

·         Robyn Gancho

·         Kaylin Usher (sub- editor)

·      Dihan de Bod  



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